99% of businesses in the UK are small. In 2013 combined we generated £1.1 trillion in turnover and provided work for 11.4 million people, and yet we are portrayed as the fodder of experts in the media, and ignored by politicians - if you care read on.

Become obsessed with creating not consuming.

I have always had a need to realise my visions. To imagine something then make it real. The diversity of categories for which this applies is broad. I can have a clear vision and strong desire to create a whole business stretching out into the future. In not a dissimilar way I can have an […]

…do real entrepreneurs ever take a break? Last night I was watching the last episode of BBC’s 3 programme The Call Centre, Be Cats, not Mice (Series 2, Episode 6 broadcast 9pm 20th May 2014). For those that don’t know The Call Centre is a UK reality television series that follows the goings on of a […]

Seeing the world under the sea is like travelling to a country further and more distinct one can imagine. You literally submerge yourself into another world where all that which normally applies is different. In water we are not the dominate species but with all our gear and technology we are about as capable as […]